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Sing Unto the LORD

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Welcome to Sing Unto the LORD, a Christian music community. I created this out of the realization that there are plenty of music communities on LJ for Japanese music, Korean music, even various American bands, but none so far that I could see that offered music praising our LORD Jesus Christ. So here it is, music allowing everyone to SING UNTO THE LORD!!!!

Please come in and feel at home, share music, and worship. ♥

1. You MUST be a member to participate in this community; you may do so by friending the community and then joining (unless it just lets you join).

2. You do not have to post to download music, but it is common courtesy that you share as well, so that everyone has an equal opportunity to download and upload.

3. This is a Christian music community; only Christian songs/albums may be downloaded (some crossover is okay such as Superchic[k] and Switchfoot).

4. If you would like to make a request, please be polite in doing so, and while it isn't necessary that you offer a "bribe" it might be nice as a thank you.

5. Respect each other and the artists. There will be no harassment or bashing of any artists or members of the community.

6. I do not support music piracy; please understand that I support sampling music to get a feel for an artist or band. If you like what you hear, please support the artists by purchasing their CD.

7. Please make use of the tagging system. If you are uploading music, tag your entry using the name(s) of the band(s)/artist(s) included in your post. Entries requesting music should also be tagged in the same way, so that when the music is uploaded, we can use the tags to go back and use the links other users gave to the requester. Hopefully this will make things easier for everyone. ♥

8. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.